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The Fierce Competitor Story

Fierce Competitor Sports was founded in San Diego, California by elite athlete and fashion fitness-wear expert, Monique Van. Fierce competitor sports is a fashionable fitness & athletic apparel company for athletes, fitness competitors and fashion-fit people from all walks of life. The idea behind Fierce Competitor was to create sports apparel with a meaning. In a world with huge cooperate fitness lines such as Nike and Adidas, we took a leap of faith and began creating our own fitness apparel. Fierce Competitors intention is to stand out and create our own path to greatness. We have apparel for any occasion, whether you are going to the gym or running errands. Our Performance and Casual Fitness gear has everything you need. Fierce Competitor was created with you in mind. Come get empowered with us! 

Monique Van

Owner and CEO​

Meaning Behind the Symbol

Our fierce competitor symbol is the hallmark of our sportswear company.  The animal stripes symbolize ferocity, strength and power, which pushes you to your greatest potential.

The center eye symbolizes the spiritual and physical enlightenment an athlete gets, when he or she is engaged passionate competition.

Finally, the triangle symbolizes strength, of mind-body & soul; all things required to achieve balance!  Competitive Balance is what Fierce Competitor Sports is all about.


Our vision for Fierce Competitor Sports is to create a movement!  Through carefully selected fitness apparel, branded symbolism, customer social engagement and consumer brand loyalty. We believe we have created a line of custom apparel that will motivate our customers to achieve their goals.

Fierce Competitor Sports is more than a place to purchase athletic gear. We have created a brand that will empower those who wear it to reach the highest heights.  It is important to us to have and create authentic relationships with our customers. An understanding of what they are passionate about, how they like to sweat, and look good doing it. We want to champion a pathway to success with our company. Join us in celebrating future success and self-empowerment. Click the Shop link to start your Fierce Competitor journey! 

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